End User Awareness Training

Comprehensive, modular awareness training aimed at securing your employees using the Critical Security Controls as a framework.

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Developer Awareness Training

Intense awareness training for developers, based on the OWASP Top Ten web application vulnerabilities.

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Utility Awareness Training

An awareness program customized for utility organizations, meeting all requirements for NERC CIP-004-03.

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Engineer Awareness Training

Awareness training that focuses on security behaviors for individuals who interact with, operate, or support Industrial Control Systems.

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Healthcare Awareness Training

Security awareness training for individuals in the Healthcare industry.

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Simulates phishing attacks to educate your end users on how to avoid getting compromised.

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I have never seen such high quality training, distilled to a perfected message, and compressed into a timeframe that any organization should willingly commit employee time to taking as a risk reduction strategy. - James A. (Jim) Richards III, State of West Virginia CISO

Security Awareness, Training and Education are still the best-return-on-investment for your security program and SANS is the strategy to meet that goal/objective. - Stan Gatewood, USG, Chief Information Security Officer.

SANS Securing the Human End User is one of the best Security Awareness CBT programs I have seen in my 20+ years as a technologist. - James Gentile, CIO, Arizona Medical Board

We just purchased the SANS Securing the Human, which I think is the best I have ever seen. In addition it's backed up by SANS extensive experience and knowledge base in infosec.- Karen McDowell, Ph.D., Information Security Analyst, University of Virginia

Given our past process for security awareness training SANS STH has been a blessing. We really are very thankful for the ease of use and access to the system. Having the ability to track all employees on our program and who has started or completed the training has helped in many ways. The material and the modules meet our needs. The fact that employees can take the training 24/7 is a plus.- Nic Lee, Northrop Grumman IS