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Three reasons to choose SANS
Securing the Human:
  1. 1
    Best Content

    20+ years of industry experiene on security training
    50+ SANS instructors contributing to content
    Advisory board review process

  2. 2
    Proven Ability to Execute

    Trained 1,500+ organizations and 6.5M+ users
    Serving the largest organizations in the world
    Supporting 25+ languages

  3. 3
    Largest Community

    Access to a network of thousands of awareness officers sharing ideas, lessons learned and developing community resources

Security Awareness, Training and Education are still the best-return-on-investment for your security program and SANS is the strategy to meet that goal/objective.

Stan Gatewood, USG, Chief Information Security Officer
SANS Securing the Human End User is one of the best Security Awareness CBT programs I have seen in my 20+ years as a technologist.

James Gentile, CIO, Arizona Medical Board
We just purchased the SANS Securing the Human, which I think is the best I have ever seen. In addition it's backed up by SANS extensive experience and knowledge base in infosec

Karen McDowell, Ph.D., Information Security Analyst, University of Virginia
Given our past process for security awareness training SANS STH has been a blessing. We really are very thankful for the ease of use and access to the system. Having the ability to track all employees on our program and who has started or completed the training has helped in many ways. The material and the modules meet our needs. The fact that employees can take the training 24/7 is a plus.

Nic Lee, Northrop Grumman IS