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The Use of Storytelling to Change User Behavior

me2Editor's Note: Bridget K. Brown manages the Global Information Security Awareness program for RGA Reinsurance Company. She is one of the speakers for the upcoming US Security Awareness Summit in Philadelphia August 19. Below she discusses her talk on NCSA and how you can leverage the organization.

"Tell me a fact and I'll learn. Tell me the truth and I'll believe. But if you tell me a story, it will live in my heart forever."--Native American Proverb

What is your favorite story from childhood? Was it a book? A nursery rhyme? Something a parent crafted especially for you? Or maybe it was a favorite movie?

Got the name of it?


Women Leading the Way in Securing Human Behaviors

STH-EndUser-Module21-SeniorLeadershipThis month I made a startling realization, it is women and not men who are leading the way in securing human behaviors. For those of you who are new to the information security world this is a big deal, traditionally information security is filled by men. For example if you attend a security conference or work with an information security team you can have 40 security professionals in the room and only 5 may be women. The field of security awareness is bucking that trend, and in a big way. For example, I teach a two day class on how to build, maintain and measure a mature security awareness program.


EU Security Awareness Summit - #SecAwareSummit

BannersSized_London-01We are a month out from the first ever SANS Security Awareness Summit in Europe, to be held 10 July in London. This event brings together the worlds' thought leaders and practitioners in changing and securing human behavior / culture. If you want to learn how to take your security awareness program to the next level, hear from the best. Speakers include Andrew Huddart from Bank of England, Angela Sasses from UCL, John Haren from Diageo and Cheryl Conley from Lockheed Martin. In addition you will get the unique opportunity to network and learn from yourpeers from all over Europe. As a bonus, we are also hosting


Branding Security - The Heart of Your Awareness Program - #SecAwareSummit

JudyForrest2Editor's Note: Judith Forrest leads the information security awareness program at SAP. She is one of the speakers for the upcoming US Security Awareness Summit in Philadelphia August 19. Below she discusses her talk on branding and what you will learn from it.

The central theme of the SANS "Securing the Human" approach is that the human being needs to be treated as another operating system in the IT realm, an operating system whose vulnerabilities must be addressed. The central mission of security awareness professionals is to address these vulnerabilities by incentivizing individuals to analyse and modify their own


Partnering With ENISA - #SecAwareSummit

DariaEditor's Note: Daria Catalui leads the security awareness outreach program at ENISA. She is one of the speakers for the upcoming EU Security Awareness Summit in London on 10 July. Below she discusses what her talk will be on and what you will learn from it.


I am a passionate advocate of eEducation so you can safely assume that I will speak about it at the summit, naturally! At ENISA, the EU's cybersecurity agency we are part of the coalition to enhance e-skills adoption in the EU. We tackle Network and Information Security topics and we believe in a more secure digital environment. For example, I am going to speak about our brokerage work