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The Chaos Called RSA

Like many of you, I am preparing for the chaos called RSA as over 20,000 security geeks descend upon San Francisco. What I love about the RSA conference is the amazing opportunity to meet up with long lost friends and make new ones. The challenge is staying sane while doing it amidst the crowds and chaos. At RSA I'll be teaching a two day class, presenting two talks on human metrics and sitting in a panel. If you are in town and want to meet up to chat about security awareness, shoot me an email. I would love to learn about the challenges you are facing with the human element and some of the ways you are approaching it. Contact me at Hope to see you there.


SANS MGT433 Course Coming to London

SANS MGT 433 is a two day course that enables organizations to build high-impact, engaging awareness programs with a focus on changing behaviors. Based on the lessons learned from hundreds of organizations, we have been teaching this course for over three years now. The biggest hits of the course are the student interaction and labs that help you design and document your own customized awareness program project plan. We are excited to announce the course is now coming to London, taught by BP's Tim Harwood. Tim has hands on experience helping lead BP's awareness program for over 300,000 employees. Learn more or sign up at

The course will also be taught twice this spring by myself. More at


Upcoming SANS Courses on Building High-Impact Awareness Programs

Folks, I'm excited to announce there are two more upcoming SANS MGT 433 courses. This is SANS' two day course on how to build high-impact, engaging security awareness programs. The content is based on the input, experiences and lessons learned of over 200 organizations. Students love the interaction with their peers and as part of the course labs you will build your own security awareness deployment plan. Learn more about the course at the SANS MGT 433 website. Upcoming dates include

In addition, SANSFIRE will be taught via Simulcast, you can attend remotely from home in ...

Remotely Attend Two Day Course on Building High-Impact Awareness Programs

Looking to build a new security awareness program that makes a difference? Want to pump up the volume on an existing program and go from just compliance focused to changing behaviors and reducing risk? I'll be teaching SANS two day course MGT 433 "Building a High-Impact Security Awareness Program" on 8/9 March in Orlando, Florida. Don't have the time or budget for travel? Not a problem, attend the class remotely with SANS Simulcast in the comfort of your pajamas. Sign-up now for MGT 433 Simulcast remote


Upcoming Training on Building High-Impact, Engaging Awareness Programs

Building a high-impact, engaging security awareness program can be a big challenge, there are so few planning resources and so many different skills required including communications, project management, cognitive behavior, risks assessments and metrics. As a result, most organizations have no idea where to start. If you are looking to build a new awareness program or improve an existing one, check out SANS MGT 433; a two day class dedicated to building high-impact, engaging awareness programs. It walks you step-by-step through the process, based on input from over 200 organizations. In addition you will complete numerous labs that result in your own, customized security awareness plan you can begin implementing the day you get