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Security Awareness Summit Roundup

show and tell 2 IMG_8941The 2nd annual US Security Awareness Summit was held in Philadelphia, 10 August with almost 150 people attending. It was an amazing mix of security awareness officers from different industries, organizations and even countries, with people coming from as far as Brunei to attend. Here are some key take aways from the event.

  • We had eight speakers, you can download their slides from our

Looking for Speakers for October?

SSO-STC-CCSAM-HashtagLogos-CYBERAWAREBLKAs many of us know, October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (also known as NCSAM or #CyberAware). This is the month many organizations use to promote their internal security awareness efforts, to include bringing in speakers. If you are looking for speakers for this year or for a future event, here are some suggestions on how to find the best speakers, and some different options to consider. Keep in mind, often the best speakers may charge speaker fees. In addition, some of these speakers are in such high demand that you may have to book them 3-6 months in advanced. One approach that may help is consider using a speaker


Lessons Learned from the EU #SecAwareSummit

STH-Summit-London-BannerImageLast week we hosted the first ever SANS Security Awareness Summit in Europe. The goal of the summit was to bring together thought leaders and practitioners from around the world who are working to secure the human element. The event was huge success as over 80 professionals had the opportunity to meet and learn from each other. I wanted to share with you some of the key take aways from the event. You can also download the presentations from the summit here.

  • Behavior Costs: Angela Sasse is the Professor of Human-Centred Technology and Head of Information Security

The War for Cyber Talent - #SecAwareSummit

Headshot May 2015Editor's Note: We are adding a free, bonus event for the upcoming Security Awareness Summit, a half day session on the most effective ways to finding cyber talent in today's environment.Below Jim Michaud discusses the War for Cyber Talent event and what you can learn from it.

When was the last time you heard this one? "We can't find enough of the qualified people we need, and we are worried about keeping the people we have developed". It's called a War for Talent for a reason. The supply of qualified cyber professionals is far outstripped by the increasing demand, and there appears to be no end in


Gamification at Salesforce - #SecAwarenessSummit

Masha SedovaEditor's Note: Masha Sedova is the Senior Director of Trust Engagement at Salesforce.She is one of the speakers for the upcoming US Security Awareness Summit in Philadelphia August 19. Below she discusses her talk on gamification and the power of engaging employees.

For many employees in organizations across the world, security training is synonymous with getting a root canal. An interaction with the security team is rarely seen as a favorable experience and is often associated with policy enforcement, password rotation and annual computer-based trainings. But imagine a new work environment where your employees viewed the