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Honeynet Project Forensic Challenge #5

Every other month the Honeynet Project releases a new forensic challenge. These are captures of real attacks in the wild that the community can analyze, document and then submit for review. This is an amazing chance to learn. The Honeynet Project just releasedForensic Challenge 5 - Log Mysteries. This challenge takes you into the world of virtual systems and confusing log data. Figure out what happened to a virtual server using all the logs from a possibly compromised server.Challenge 5 has been created by Raffael Marty from the Bay Area Chapter, Anton Chuvakin from the Hawaiian Chapter, and Sebastien Tricaud from the French Chapter. Submission deadline is


Honeynet Project Forensic Challenge

The Honeynet Project just released their latest forensic challenge. You have an opportunity to analyze a real VoIP attack and submit your analysis for judging. Your submission will then be compared and judged against your peers from around the world. This is an amazing opportunity to learn, as the top three submissions are shared with the world so we can all learn from each other. In addition, the challenge is also being offered in Simplified and Traditional Chinese, expanding the possible submissions to another 1 billion people. You can find more about the challenge at the Honeynet Project VoIP Challenge site.

Forensic Challenge

Okay, I'm going to take a break for a moment from security awareness and discuss something I'm very passionate about, the Honeynet Project. This is an international, volunteer organization of security researchers dedicated to sharing information and findings on cyber threats. The group is also the leader in many of the latest honeypot developments. They recently kicked off a series of Forensic Challenges, these are real attacks on real systems you can to analyze. As part of the challenge you can even submit your analysis to be judged by experts in this field. You then can compare (and learn from) the analysis of your peers. This is a great and rare opportunity to develop your incident response capabilities. Learn more at