STH.End User Training

STH.End User Training

At SANS Securing The Human our goal is to not only ensure you are compliant, but offer training that changes behaviors and reduces risk. We do this by using a proven framework based on the Critical Security Controls. In addition, our training is developed by a board of SANS most experienced SANS Instructors and Subject Matter Experts. This training is then actively reviewed and updated twice a year, ensuring you have the most current and engaging training possible. In addition we provide each training topic as a separate module. This allows you to select and use only the modules you need, allowing you to easily customize the training for the shortest, most effective training possible. Each module comes with multiple communication options, including CBT, newsletters, posters and screensavers.

Online Computer Based Training

One of the most effective ways to communicate your program is through the use of videos. We offer one video for each training topic, all of which are fully SCORM and Federal 508 compliant. Training can be hosted on the SANS Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), our learning management system, allowing you to manage and monitor your Awareness Training program in real time. For an additional setup fee, you may also host the training in your own LMS.

Support Materials

One of the keys to changing behaviors is reinforcing your message. To ensure the success of your program every module not only has a video, but a newsletter, poster and screensaver. This provides you multiple tools to reinforce your message throughout the year. Each of these materials is branded with your logo and your security team's contact information.


Security is a global challenge, and as such awareness training needs to reach a global audience. At Securing The Human we support over fifteen different languages. In addition, we can customize additional languages if required.