STH.End User Training: Training FAQ

STH.End User Training:

How can the awareness video training be delivered?

You can choose to have the training hosted on your own Learning Management System (LMS) or SANS' Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

What is SANS' Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)?

VLE is SANS own LMS. This is a full learning environment that gives you total control over your training, including reporting. Many organizations that have their own LMS still choose to use our VLE due to its numerous options and flexibility.

If we choose to use the SANS' VLE can we select which videos are displayed to specific users?

Yes, the VLE Admin can assign different modules to different Users (or departments).

If we choose to use the SANS' VLE does it support reporting?

Absolutely. You will have access to a variety of different reporting options giving you the information you need in a simple to read format. In fact this is one of the main reasons our customers often choose SANS' VLE over their own LMS.

If we choose to use the SANS VLE does it support testing?

Yes. Each module comes with a pool of quiz questions, which can then be used to test User comprehension. These questions are developed by SANS GIAC team, a group of professionals dedicated to security testing.

Will the video training run on our LMS?

For an additional setup fee, our training can run on any SCORM compliant LMS. In addition, we use SCORM technology from to ensure full compliance with all SCORM standards. Our SCORM staff will help you with any integration questions or issues you may have.

Can we test this in our LMS first before buying?

Absolutely, we would be happy to provide you a test package and assist you with your test deployment. Simply contact us at for a test package.

How is your training licensed?

The same as a Microsoft license. You are required to have a license for each User that goes through the training.

Which videos are available?

We maintain a library of over thirty modules, allowing you to create your own customized awareness program by using only the content you need. You can find an overview of all the different topics at our demo page. In addition we are constantly adding new material to the library, which are included with your license.

How often is the content updated?

All our content is mapped to the 20 Critical Controls Security Framework. They are updated as the Human Attack Vectors change and reviewed twice a year.

Can you create customized content for us?

Absolutely. We have created everything from customized videos to entire training courses for clients. For more information contact us at

Do you support multiple languages?

Absolutely. We know and understand that security awareness is a global challenge. We also know and understand the people learn best in their native language. That is why we support training in over twenty languages. Additional languages can be translated upon request.

What are Support Materials and how much do they cost?

Every training module not only has a video, but an optional newsletter, poster and screensaver. These can be used to reinforce your program throughout the rest of the year. In addition these are branded with your organization logo and contact information. There is a one time cost of $5,000 for support materials. All support materials are provided in digital format. You are free to print as many copies as you like for internal use.