STH.Phishing Testing

STH.Phishing Testing

STH.Phishing takes an innovative approach to advanced attack prevention. Too often, we focus on technical controls while ignoring the weakest link, the end user. STH.Phishing simulates phishing attacks to educate your end users on how to avoid being compromised.

STH.Phishing allows you to send emails to employees within your organization in a manner that is consistent with what real criminals are doing. With our program, you will be able to determine which individuals have fallen victim to the phishing email and provide them with immediate feedback and training. You can also see and address existing vulnerabilities in order to reduce the likelihood that information will be stolen should the employee fall victim to a real phishing email in the future.

Live Product Demonstration

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During the session, you will get to create a custom phishing campaign, as well as ask any questions that you have. Sessions are offered most days of the week, see the full schedule on our sign-up page.

Pre-recorded Product Demonstration

Can't find a live demo session that works with your schedule? Watch this pre-recorded session instead (approximate duration is 48 minutes).

Additional Resources

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