Educational Institutions Purchase Program

Educational Institutions Purchase Program

Through the SANS Partnership Program with REN-ISAC, the SANS Securing The Human - Security Awareness training is available at a steeply discounted rate to qualifying members. Our computer based (video courseware) training program goes beyond just compliance and focuses on changing human behavior and trains with several offerings:

  • STH.EndUser - Compressive Security Awareness and essential security practices based on the 20 Critical Security Controls
  • STH.Developer - Train web developers on the OWASP Top 10 Web Vulnerabilities and the SDLC
  • STH.Phishing - Test your employees by executing your own phishing campaigns in a manner consistent with what real criminals are doing. Please visit to learn more about how it works.
  • Support Materials- Newsletters, Posters and Screensavers to reinforce your training program. (EndUser and Utility only)

Eligibility: This offer is only valid for accredited educational institutions, in the US and Canada, including universities, colleges, technical training institutes and K-12 schools. in the US and Canada

This pricing is only available from December 1, 2014 through January 31, 2015 inclusive.

Need training sooner? Check out our current pricing.

Delivery of the training solution will be deployed once full payment has been received.

To become eligible for this program, complete the registration form. Once registered, you will receive a STH Client Account and instructions for ordering. All orders must be placed online using your STH Client Account.

Program Pricing

This purchase program provides a significant discount compared to commercial pricing.
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Program Features

This special program provides the same features as the standard commercial program.
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Demo & Registration

Register for your STH Client Account here. This will allow you to view a full demo of the training solution and place an order should you so wish.
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