Resources: Gaining Internal Support


A common challenge many organizations face is getting management approval and/or funding for their awareness program. This section contains resources to help justify and get support for your own awareness program. These resources are developed for the community and unless otherwise stated are distributed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. Please send any questions or any feedback on how to improve these resources to

Stakeholder Presentation

This presentation template can be used to present to your senior management to explain the value of your proposed security awareness program; giving you the support, budget and resources you need to make your awareness program happen.

Human Risk Survey

Take a survey of your employees and learn just how little they know about security in your organization. Do they know you have a security team, do they know your policies, what percentage of your employees share their passwords?

Data Breaches

Your organization may be required to protect certain types of data (card holder, PHI, PII, PNI, etc). Here are several sites where you can search records of publicly known data breaches.

Compliance Requirements

There are a variety of regulations and standards that require security awareness training. Download our Security Awareness Compliance Requirements document that lists the most common legislation or standards that require security awareness training. In addition you will find the specific sections that state the requirement and links for more information.