Security Awareness Newsletter

Security Awareness Newsletter

"Wow! This is the first security awareness document that our users really like! Thank you, SANS"

That note came from the CISO of an 8,000 employee organization. OUCH! is the world's leading, free security awareness newsletter designed for the common computer user. Published every month and in multiple languages, each edition is carefully researched and developed by the SANS Securing The Human team, SANS instructor subject matter experts and team members of the community. Each issue focuses on and explains a specific topic and actionable steps people can take to protect themselves, their family and their organization. OUCH! is distributed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. You are encouraged to distribute OUCH! within your organization or share with family and friends, the only limitation is you cannot modify nor sell OUCH!.

The OUCH! newsletter and all of its translations are done by community volunteers. As such, some languages may not be available upon initial publication date, but will be added as soon as they are. Be sure to review our other free resources for security awareness programs such as presentations, posters and planning materials on our Resources Page.

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OUCH! 2014 Newsletters

December 2014: What Is Anti-Virus?

November 2014: Social Engineering

October 2014: Five Steps to Staying Secure

September 2014: Using the Cloud Securely

August 2014: Encryption

  • English: Encryption SHA1:03a4f1734ed4d8a66d438c6fcb2a8d868de7998a
  • English (epub): Encryption SHA1:ae78fc3191d22f794920b699a0461e5b08111510
  • Albanian: Enkriptimi SHA1:79e45f6fa2699e3f7f3c3f856fdf5dd512cd2c6e
  • Arabic: التشفير SHA1:6b7611fe0d60dc199896a78d162c91be61fb75dd
  • Bahasa Indonesia: Enkripsi SHA1:78781317f607142808e84b8b56f2e9d4079ebde1
  • Chinese, Simplified: 加密 SHA1:5b08c948a79922b17ba574d15a13269286540a9f
  • Chinese, Traditional: 加密 SHA1:f47a166cf0b11bba0ff4b2b2dfcd7d2de670ac2f
  • Dutch: Encryptie SHA1:ab017dcb4121ee1c1632c2f08672cf2407246c8f
  • Farsi: رمزگذاری SHA1:1d5e60b70652534dae8c4079b4a832a05fc4a00e
  • French: Chiffrement SHA1:06457e98b1edb91858dd870e35f9c8dff0646735
  • German: Verschlüsselung SHA1:39b8ed6d07fc03f27fa7dba92394984f6d09cc80
  • Hebrew: הצפנה SHA1:83358b76014efbf0035ff004d9c934b1c880918c
  • Hungarian: A titkosításról SHA1:9f80adea69c69e525b057d0a10fbe9a352fa7562
  • Italian: La crittografia SHA1:76dd2f85d720b141c706511d6723041907c3fec3
  • Japanese: 暗号化機能について SHA1:b5116986156e5198bfa3bde66c47af5926d52acb
  • Korean: 암호 SHA1:1851b3c49c12bc9b9584b26d145e9d957b4b97ec
  • Malaysian: Penyulitan SHA1:b1598f6afdfa8591c973359c6e9ce90b4bb07bd5
  • Norwegian: Kryptering SHA1:1ca88788b9d8f0cf9ef93fcc26b7904a36d0dfb4
  • Polish: Szyfrowanie SHA1:348ae899d8b7904a840ef1c8a2cbe31c43e31ab1
  • Portuguese: Criptografia SHA1:e10178a8be2226a631f1bd1f477a86c51816151e
  • Romanian: Criptarea SHA1:cb83098bcec7692e2631e4a7413170c8f225d89f
  • Russian: Шифрование SHA1:9dde5585e28c805720e3c26e8b6bd0640c4c19b5
  • Serbian: Enkripcija (Šifrovanje) SHA1:51947109832bec023df28814edab2464a7841588
  • Spanish: Cifrado SHA1:18e1afd6b4ddc910a4273d6804915b7ab68d27f9
  • Swedish: Kryptering SHA1:1c9459162c14e3e9e01aa05028f4d0a756ebd065
  • Turkish: Şifreleme SHA1:2e99352039f87f6b64f11572cbe62e90f73c99ee
  • Urdu: انکرپشن SHA1:80be550c9fbd73408214d888bd9c85fbe74ebc94

July 2014: Email Do's and Don'ts

June 2014: Disposing of Your Mobile Device

May 2014: I’m Hacked, Now What?

April 2014: Yes, You Actually Are A Target

March 2014: The End of Windows XP

February 2014: What Is Malware

January 2014: Securing Your Home Network

Heartbleed Special Edition

OUCH! Archives 2013-2014
December 2014What Is Anti-Virus?
November 2014Social Engineering
October 2014Five Steps to Staying Secure
September 2014Using the Cloud Securely
August 2014Encryption
July 2014Email Do's and Don'ts
June 2014Disposing of Your Mobile Device
May 2014I’m Hacked, Now What?
April 2014Yes, You Actually Are A Target
March 2014The End of Windows XP
February 2014What Is Malware
January 2014Securing Your Home Network
December 2013Securing Your New Tablet
November 2013How to Shop Online Securely
October 2013Password Managers
September 2013Personal Backup and Recovery
August 2013Two-Step Verification
July 2013Spear Phishing
June 2013URL Shorteners / QR Codes
May 2013Passwords
April 2013Protecting Your Kids Online
March 2013Social Networking Safely
February 2013Email Phishing Attacks
January 2013Java

OUCH! Team

OUCH! is developed through a rigorous process involving numerous volunteers. Every issue starts as a draft written by a Guest Editor, a Subject Matter Expert in that month's topic. This draft is then intensely reviewed by our experienced editorial board. Once updated, the newsletter is then reviewed and finalized by our team of community reviewers. OUCH is then proofread and translated into multiple languages by our team of translation volunteers. OUCH! is a tremendous community effort and would not be possible without the hard work of the people below.

Editorial Board

  • Phil Hoffman
  • Bob Rudis
  • Walt Scrivens
  • Bill Wyman

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