Security Awareness Presentations

Security Awareness Presentations

Presentations are a great way to communicate information to people in an interactive format. Below are presentations designed for employees, parents and children. These resources are developed for the community and unless otherwise stated are distributed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. Please send any questions or suggestions on how to improve these resources to

Human Metrics: Measuring Behavior

Security awareness is nothing more than another control designed to reduce risk, specifically human risk. This presentation will cover the different ways organizations are effectively measuring human risk, which methods are proving to be the most successful, and steps you can take to have successful metrics for your awareness program.

Securing The Human

This presentation takes you step by step how to build a high-impact awareness program that ensures your organization is not only compliant but secure by changing human behavior. Topics include building your Steering Committee, identifying WHO you are targeting in your program, WHAT you want to communicate and HOW. In addition we cover key topics such as updating your program and how to measure it through effective metrics.

Effective Phishing of Employees

One of the most effective ways to address phishing attacks is to train and measure employees through phishing assessments. This presentation covers step-by-step how to build, maintain and measure an effective, long term phishing assessment program for your organization.

Securing Your Kids

This presentation is for parents to help better understand and how to protect their kids online. We cover the top three risks kids face online and the top five steps you can take to protect them. This course is based on the experiences and lessons learned from a variety of SANS top instructors who not only specialize in security, but are parents just like you.

Internet Security Guide for Kids

This presentation is for parents to present to K-5th graders on how they can safely use the Internet. The information here is similar to the lessons learned in Securing The Kids, but presented in a graphical, kid friendly manner. You are free to use this presentation for any community projects that help kids.