STH.Utility Security Awareness Training

STH.Utility Security Awareness Training

Utility providers have employees within their organizations who have authorized cyber or unescorted physical access to critical cyber assets. Given the critical role they play in our society, utilities are subject to federally mandated North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) reliability standards and are forced to undergo compliance training or potentially face stiff penalties and fines. STH.Utility is a computer-based security awareness training program developed to address these requirements.

Currently available is STH.Utility version 3, which specifically addresses the NERC-CIP Reliability Standard CIP-004-3 (Personnel & Training). Training includes 31 modules averaging 5 minutes in length. Select a module from the list below to preview a portion of its contents.

Version 5 Coming Soon!

STH.Utility version 5, which addresses NERC CIP-004-5.1 R2 will be available this summer. Click here to learn more.

Free Poster

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