STH.Utility Training

STH.Utility Training
Securing the Utility

SANS Securing The Human for Utilities (STH.Utility) is a security awareness program customized for utility organizations that specifically targets the weakest link in security - the Human. It fully addresses the requirements of the NERC CIP Reliability Standard CIP-004-3 (Personnel & Training). Topics include:

  1. Overview of NERC and FERC
  2. Introduction to the NERC CIP Standards
  3. Identification and Proper Use of Critical Cyber Assets
  4. Physical Access Controls to Critical Cyber Assets
  5. Electronic Access Controls to Physical Cyber Assets
  6. Proper Handling of Critical Cyber Asset Information
  7. Recovery of Critical Cyber Assets following a Cyber Security Incident

In addition to these modules, the Utility package also includes the entire suite of SANS Securing The Human Security Awareness modules (23 in total). For more information, check out the Utility video demos or to take the training in its entirety, sign up for a Free Trial.